Tidal Line (Linea Mareal)

August 2023, Naoshima, Japan
100ft line of seagrass in the sand. On the shore or the Seaside Gallery of the Benesse House Museum of Naoshima, Japan.

`1Placement:I placed the line running parallel to the ride, at the midpoint between the high tide and the low tide. The line was made by dragging my foot in the sand, creating a small trench which I then filled it with the “rolls” of seagrass I made. The rolls would weigh enough to get buried in the sand, but have one end loose to unravel in the water
The line was visible from the entrance to the Benesse House Museum, with many visitors of the museum coming to inspect it as one of the many works on the island.
Timing:The line was made between the high tides of the Blue Moon. The first photos show when I completed it (at low tide), after one high tide (which happened over night), and then its second high tide approaching, and submerging the line.