The Ultimate Snowball

February 2023, New Haven, CT
The story of creating the largest student made snowball on Yale’s Cross Campus.

On my way to class, I cut across the Cross Campus lawn which was covered in snow. As per usual, I gave it a little kick, but this time the snow just folded over itself, revealing the grass below. The snow was incredibly sticky, the perfect condition for a snowball. 

As the snowball grew, the likelihood of me going to class melted away. 

I rolled the snowball as much as I could, and just when I couldn’t bear the weight anymore, my friend Cam joined in. A little while later Tony and Henry Large “Enrique el Grande” the capitan of the Rugby team. Together, our little scrum rolled the biggest snowball in Yale History.

The snowball remained, people added more snow on top so later that day I sculpted it with an old ping pong paddle. 

In the coming days, the snow melted, reducing it back again to its snowball form. Still large. As the rest of the snow in the city melted, the Ultimate Snowball stood strong. 

It suddenly started getting some media attention, with Yale’s official instagram posting a photo of it and students on an anonymous posting social platform claiming it should become a “landmark”, with 1.1k upvotes. 

Kids would play with it, kicking soccer balls at it, climbing and jumping on top. Lisa Kereszi, the Dean of Undergraduate Art claims her kid gave it one of the final blows