SapeFest celebrates the best parts of being a homosapien!

this is a yearly camping party that we do out on 
Tio Miguel’s land in Marble Falls. 

Our first SapeFest there was nothning but trees and the open sky, but as sape’s do, the festivities have evolved, and ameneties have expanded. 
this year we will be hosting a collection of fantastic 
live music acts, and we also got some yurts...

The stars have aligned, the moons have eclipsed, 
this will certainly be our biggest and best SapeFest yet! 

Lot’s of new Sapes, so we put together this site..
please take the time to read it thoroughly,
 especially if this is your first time...


Please RSVP by venmoing $10 per person to
this is to help us cover AV equiptment and cleaning supplies


“Back of the closet”
No need to buy anything new, instead, dig through the clothes you have and find something that you never wear
SapeFest is the “right occasion” for that fit
The more wacky, kooky, sexy, or funky the better!


Sat. Apr, 13th
Arrival  - 4pm - Hike (Favorite Trees Tour)
happy hour/soccer or volleyball game - 5pm
Grilling starts/ Happy hours continue - 6pm
Sunset - 8pm 
Music Performances - 8:30 to 2am in order of poster
sape run - 1:11am
big bonfire burn - 2:22am
karaoke and yurt rave till dawn

Sun. Apr, 14th
Morning Walk - 10:30am
brunch - 11isham
Final Clean-up - 1pm 
anyone is welcome to hang out during the day.
find a spot to go swimming around 4 or 5am


Driveway will be on your right side.
Look for the SapeFest sign
go up the hill, do not pass the cones...


We will have lots of  beer, thanks to  a 
generous donation from the Mr. Pick-6 Foundation
if you want hard stuff or wine byob
Also thanks to S!CK Vodka for throwing some bottles our way.

We will have a big charcoal grill pit going...
 bring any food you want,
 but keep in mind we will only be cooking on oprn fire
maybe bring a protein and/or veggies we can throw it on...

rule of thumb for a good SapeFest 
bring enough  food and drink for yourself 
but expect to share and be shared with 

if there are any chefs or grill masters feel free to step up... 
you will be recieved with lots of love. they will sing your name for generations to come


Bring your own stuff to sleep the night, including sleeping bag, pad, sheets, and towel for shower and cowboy pool

have your own tent?  bring it just incase, 
you can set it up anywhere on the 25 acre property, 
i recommend the enchanted forrest

 Don’t have a tent? there will be two yurts for about 16 people, anyone is welcome, must bring your own sleeping stuff
its literally just a yurt - first come first serve

the house will be primarily off-limits because its not mine and drunk people fuck shit up 
however, there are a couple bedrooms for people who prefer not to camp outside (most the rooms are full atm)
but please reach out to diego if you need to sleep in the house, otherwise the doors will be locked most of the night
if you are sleeping in the house you must bring your own linens and pillows, i don’t want to do your laundry


No cups are allowed at SapeFest... Its traditon for eveyone to bring a unique “chalice” to drink from

Respect the space... if anything in house gets damaged please let diego know, no biggie but we gotta fix it 
PICK UP ALL TRASH... including cig butts

- its a windy windy road and any tragedy would ruin SapeFest forever.. please be safe

The SapeFest Crew has been putting in the work to make this weekend a total blast
all you gotta do is show up, buy in,
 be kind, and have fun!

Questions? Contact- 

and enjoy some memories of past sapefest...

memories of sapefests