Conversation Stones

April 2024 - Austin, Texas

30.245073812795596, -97.7255726109068

Located at International Shores in East Austin

These local alluvial limestones, naturally formed over thousands of years, have been arranged here to make a place for dialogue. 

You are invited to stroll the grass paths, choose a stone that calls to you, and become grounded. 

By placing yourself on a Conversation Stone, you are signaling your openness to engage with anyone who inhabits a corresponding stone. 

This is an opportunity to get to know your community, be courteous, and create a meaningful experience.

Please share some details about your experience...

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name and number will be left anonymous, but we will include your story or photos in the documentation of this project 

Gracias y Gratitude to all who contributed to the making of the Conversation Stones: “Hecho en Cuernavac” Crew Abraham, Damian, Santos, Henry, Roberto, Moises, Luis, Gera, Juanito y el Greg. TTC Caitlin, Grady, Teddy, John, Maddy, and Hanna. Friends and Family – Zane, Rosa, Julian, Hannah, Gavin, Ben, Niko, Silver, Brett, Juan, Miguel, and Jackson. And most importantly – Abuela Becky who makes the best food.