Oil pantings with found elements

Cigarette Portraittes: Pack 2 (madrid)


This pack was made in Madrid, Spain. 
Madrid inspired my work with cigarettes. I remember in my adolecence, working at an advertising firm in the madrid, being baffled by how it was so widely accepted to throw the butts, on such beautiful streets. My first attempt to add value to the least valuable thing in existence was to do a brand around cigarette butts called “Precious Butt” in which I did a performance, dressed up in a suit, and tried to sell them in them in the street as luxury items.

7 years later i returned to the streets of madrid with my oil painting kit. This is the progress so far, in my mission to paint a cigarette in each of the 21 districts of Madrid. 
at the momment, i have made 11

9 more to go. Here is the map.