Cicada Lifecycle

October 2023, Austin, TX
I read this piece as the journey of one singular cicada. At the lowest point, with the darkest seed, the cicada begins its climb up the branch. It is an exhausting, but a determined move forward. With every inch, the seed turns lighter, progressing from red, to orange, to yellow.

Since I first started working with these seeds, I’ve used them as a metaphor for a thought, with them collectively behaving as a mind. I categorize the darker seeds as subconscious brain activities, (reflexes, hunger, etc.), and the lighter ones as thoughts holding more awareness and understanding. The ultimate, brightest seed, represents those eureka moments in life, when thinking is crystal clear, confidence is steadfast and inspiration is abundant. These moments of clarity provide breakthroughs, leaps of faith, good karma, and love. The moments are rare, but they are the moments we live for and orient our lives towards. Of course, like everything good in this world, it cannot last forever. Upon reaching the summit, the cicada relinquishes its yellow seed back to the branch of time and then begins the cycle all over again.