Between the Boulders

June 2022, Norfolk, CT

Along with a weed-wacker, I spent the month of June creating this land work, Between the Boulders, in a grassy meadow in northern Connecticut. Visitors were invited to explore the labyrinthine path, its natural inhabitants, and the various glacial erratic borders which have resided in the field for the last 300 million years. I titled the piece based on my first impression of the site, that whatever I were to do would be Between the Boulders. The total distance of walkable lines was exactly one mile, and was open to the public for 3 weeks. did this work as an artist in residency, selected by the Yale Norfolk School of Art program.  

People were invited to walk through the labyrinth, without knowing the overall design. I asked people upon exiting the labyrinth to draw a map of what where they went. I scanned all the images and found that although the individual drawings didn't seem particularly accurate when overlayed and normalized at the entrance, they represented the GPS coordinates of the actual design.
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